This is a portable stainless steel device operating on the combination of principles of steam cooking and retained heat cooking. This has been hailed as one of the cleanest ways of using charcoal for household cooking. In the medium sized system, just about 100-125 gm of charcoal is sufficient for cooking dal, rice and a vegetable or meat for a family of 5 persons. The charcoal to be used can either be ordinary wood charcoal, or charcoal left over in a wood burning stove, or char briquettes made from agricultural waste. The Sarai system comes in two sizes the medium size is for a family of 4-5 persons, whereas there is a large size for a family of 8-10 persons. Cost of Sarai Cooking System : Medium size (8 Ltrs.) Large size (12 Ltrs.) Instructions for using Sarai Cooking System : First put a layer of char or charcoal briquettes on the stove grate. Place a burning piece of paper or pieces of cloth or wax stick below the grate. The briquettes will start burning in a few minutes. Some smoke may be generated during this process. Therefore place the stove outside the house. Then put the content in the cooking vessels. Put the food material which is difficult to cook (e.g. pulses) in the bottom most pot. Put the vessels properly in the stand. Put 1 cup water in the container of small Sarai, 1.5 cups of water in medium & 3 cups of water in large Sarai and then put the stand in the container and close it with the lid. By this time, some of the briquettes may have started burning properly. Indications of good burning are less smoke emissions and visible glowing embers on blowing the charcoal. It is sufficient to have 2-3 pieces ignited. Now bring the stove inside the house and place outer jacket around it. Put the food container inside the jacket covering. Its holders will rest on the upper edge of the covering. Adjust the container at the center. The charcoal burns out in 45 minutes. This time is generally sufficient to cook the food material. However to be on the safer side do not open the container for another 15 min or so. Benefits of Sarai System : • Freedom from LPG, kerosene, electricity • Automatic turn off • Keeps food warm for 2/3 hours • No valve/gasket/whistle • Availabel in two sizes • 2002 international award winner • Freedom from blowing up of valve or lid, escaping of steam from faulty gasket, counting whistles etc. • As the food cooks at a slow rate and lower temperature, the taste and nutritional values are retained. • Once cooking is initiated, it is not necessary to attend the cooker. The food cooks is about 45-50 minutes. • Charcoal burns cleanly in this system, thus you will appreciate it as an environment friendly cooking system. • If the stove is used independently it is possible to roast papad, corn cobs, brinjals, etc. • Based on family size, the system is available in medium / large models. • Convenient for use during picknics, long distance tours, etc. Can be carried around even when fuel combustion is on. • If the cooker in hot opened after cooking process is completed, the food remains warm upto 2-3 hours.


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