5.1 Residential schools, temples, restaurants, and many public places generate biomass waste regularly and have practice to burn in open space. Such type of waste is not segregated. During disposal it is mixed with organic waste. It Creates problem to organic waste processing units. The material like empty cans of milk, corrugated small cartoon boxes, small wooden structures, cartoons, leafy biomass, coconut shell, etc. is burned by using incinerator. Incinerator is built as per the availability of raw materials. Incinerator is designed with Cast Iron bottom grate, fire box of 2 x 2 x 2 ft. with M.S.door. The burning rate of system is 20 to 25 kg per hour. Fire brick lining increase the durability and improved the combustion of the incinerator. 200 litres stainless steel containers used for getting continuous hot water. Chimney pipe is attached to fire box to create draft for better combustion. While development of new design of incinerator, adopted design principles of large sized improved cook stoves. For incinerators were installed at four different locations for field testing and users feed back. 5.2 Gasifier stove using light and powdery biomass as fuel : ARTI has developed improved Vivek gasifier stove for community use and cottage industrial applications. ‘Vivek’ stove developed by ARTI is a portable, cylindrical stove designed to cook meal for a family of 5 to 6 members. The existing ‘Vivek’ stove is in adequate to cook meal for the 10 to 15 family members and it is only use saw dust as fuel. Various designs configuration of ‘Vivek’ stove were tested and finally we find specific configuration that can be used not only for community cooking but one that can be used for small scale industrial process. Which gives constant supply of heat with the use of saw dust as well as other light and powdery biomass as fuel. In this design configuration shorter pre heater air pipe attached to centre of the stove. Which provided preheated air to the packed biomass zone. It gives efficient burning of light powdery biomass, reduce smoke emissions and constant heating. 5.3 Developed Bharat Laxmi cook stove using ecolite cement bricks materials. Developed natural draft portable gasifier stove Sampada. 5.4 Development of New Sarai Cooking System : Sarai cooking system is popular model developed by ARIT. Last 10 years we received feedback from users’ and manufacturers and suggested following modifications in the model. i. Increase durability of accessories. ii. Ease of manufacturing process. iii. Improve the performance of model. iv. Need users’ friendliness. v. Aesthetics view. With these suggestion ARTI has developed new sarai cooking system with collaboration of Design Impact Group of U.K. Few nos. of system distributed to users for field testing and feedback.


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